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  • June 22, 2021

Top Three Services For A Handyman

There are a lot of jobs that you may need to have done, and in fact, when you look around your home you can probably pick out more than you even want to think about.  For those that have a lot of side projects in their home, they can take up their valuable Saturdays and get them done or they can hire local handyman services in summerlin south nv to do them for you.

Yard work

local handyman services in summerlin south nv

The first task that you can have done is yard work.  There are many handymen that know how to plant trees, flowers and even mow lawns.  When using a handyman for your yard work you can get them at a lower price than you could than hiring a professional gardener and have other tasks done as well.


The next task will be painting.  Everything in our homes could at one point or another use a nice coat of paint.  When using a handyman for painting tasks they will be able to do additional jobs such as taking down and replacing the shelves, fixing light switches and more.  These are all sub-jobs that go along with painting.

Fixing lights

It is amazing how inconvenient a blown out light can cause.  In many cases it is as simple as replacing a light bulb.  However, this bulb may be high up in a ceiling or in an inconvenient location.  When using a handyman to do this task, thy will have a larger ladder or other devices that will make the task simple.

Unclogging a pipe

Another task that we don’t want to do is unclogging a pipe.  This can be due to having grease build up, hair build up or something we just don’t want to mention.  When hiring a handyman they can get in there and pry that out very easily allowing all of your water to flow free once again.

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